Designer Sarees and Designer Saree Blouses: 5 Tips to Purchase the Right One

Wearing designer sarees is a fashion symbol in several South Asian countries. Ladies exhibit preference for the Indian sarees not only in India, but also in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bhutan, Burma, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It’s a fabulous elegant dress which hides what a woman may want hidden or emphasize well-toned curves. Women and girls look stunning and graceful in sarees.

When girls was homemakers, only very easy sarees were worn. In today’s world when women are playing vital roles in other walks of life, the demands of their dressing has changed. They wish to wear comfy and formal yet stylish attire to work. They prefer to dress up according to the event. The designer saree blouses have all they want and that’s why these designer traces have taken the place of older traditional sarees.

Designer sarees and designer saree blouses are so tempting that lots of times women wind up buying blouses that don’t suit their particular style. Such purchases do nothing except to overburden the budget. Here are a few suggestions you will discover useful whilst buying sarees from a designer store.

Follow your budget when you’re purchasing these wears. You may see many appealing sarees in showcases, but by following strict guidelines for the amount to invest, you can make a intelligent purchase decision. Pick a great saree without wasting money on other alluring and expensive sarees which you would never wear.

Bear in mind the occasion you’re purchasing the saree to wear . Heavy embroidery is ideal to wear during wedding ceremonies while being bright colored with light work will be ideal for a birthday celebration.

Pick a piece that fits your figure. You would find various designer sarees and designer saree blouses from the shop but you need to purchase the saree and the blouse that best suits you. For women with a healthy figure the best saree fabrics are georgette, chignon and chaffon. They ought to prefer V-necked and full sleeve blouses. For slim women the perfect fabrics are organza, cotton and tissue. They ought to wear blouses with short and puffy sleeves.

Pick the right colored saree: The rule of thumb in this respect is that the darker skin tone, the darker the colour of this piece.

Purchase the blouse that is appropriate for your height: All kinds of sarees suit tall and slender women, but for shorter women wearing a saree is a little more tricky. Sarees with wide embroidered borders look great on tall girls, but if you’re short and a bit overweight, you ought not wear sarees with wide borders. You need to avoid too much colour contrast and bold prints. Sarees with monochromatic colours, narrow borders, and smallish patterns are excellent for petite women.

The saree is a dress that’s existed since time immemorial. In the past few decades the saree took a backseat due to the increasing interest of women in western wears and other dresses such as salwar kameez variants. But with the innovative and trendy methods in designing; designer sarees and designer saree blouses have revived the tendency to wear these dresses on each occasion with a feeling of pride.

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